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More on Baltimore-born NASA scientist and inventor, Valerie Thomas

As a young girl, she was steered towards sewing and hairdressing, Thomas told an interviewer, but reading “The Boys First Book on Electronics” helped her understand her real life’s calling

Above: NASA scientist Valerie Thomas with a photo of herself from 1979. (oprahdaily.com)

Last month, in a Brew story about a big honor for the African American studies program at at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, a student recalled learning about trailblazing scientist and inventor Valerie M. Thomas.

The Morgan State University graduate went on to have a stellar career at NASA, where she invented technology that led to the development of 3-D imaging.

Now 78 and retired, Thomas spoke with Oprah Daily recently about the work she’s doing now and the impact she’s had countering the bias and stereotypes that have traditionally held women and minorities back from careers in science.

As a girl, Thomas told the interviewer, “I got the indirect hint: Electronics is not for girls. Go sew with your mother, or do hair like your mother.”

It’s worth a read:

•  78-Year-Old Valerie Thomas Invented Technology That Led to the Creation of 3-D Imaging

And so is this release from Baltimore City Public Schools with more about Poly being selected by the College Board to help refine the Advanced Placement African American Studies course being rolled out nationwide in 2023.

•  Poly selected to pilot AP African American Studies

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