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Marilyn and Nick Mosby

The Dripby Mark Reutter6:29 pmJun 12, 20240

A year of electronic home monitoring begins next week for Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore’s ex-state’s attorney will be restricted to her Fells Point apartment building, subject to a number of exceptions

Above: Marilyn Mosby with supporters outside the federal courthouse in Greenbelt earlier this year. (YouTube)

Marilyn Mosby’s one year of home detention will start on June 20 with the implementation of electronic monitoring at her residence in Fells Point.

Baltimore’s former state’s attorney will wear a tracking device (the exact type unspecified) and be restricted to the confines of her apartment building (with a number of exceptions) for 12 months as part of three years of supervised probation following her perjury and mortgage fraud convictions.

U.S. Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby yesterday modified the sentencing order to permit Mosby use of the “communal areas and amenities within her apartment complex” after Mosby told the court she wanted to share those spaces with her daughters when they visit her.

At last month’s sentencing, Griggsby rejected federal prosecutors’ request of 20 months of jail time, citing Mosby’s previously clean criminal record, service to the community and, first and foremost, the welfare of her two teenage daughters.

“The issue of incarceration and separating a mother from her daughters has weighed very heavily on this court in assessing what sentence to impose,” the judge said before imposing home detention.

Permitted Leave

The detention order allows Mosby to leave the apartment building for a number of standard reasons, including “for employment, education, religious services, medical treatment, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, court-ordered obligations, child care or other activities approved by the probation officer.”

Currently, Mosby is managing director and the only employee of Mahogany Elite Enterprises LLC, a company she formed while state’s attorney that figured prominently in her two trials.

In prior years, Mosby had used the company to write off federal taxes for travel done by herself and her ex-husband. It is unclear whether Griggsby would grant a request by Mosby to travel for company business.

Opening day surprise: Marilyn Mosby describes her business as “a professional women’s retreat company” (11/7/23)

Mosby plans to appeal her convictions to the 4th U.S. Court of Appeals and has asked Griggsby to delay the government’s seizure of her Longboat Key condominium in Florida, which the jury found was fraudulently obtained by her false representation of a $5,000 gift from her then-husband at closing.

She is also seeking a full pardon from President Joe Biden, arguing that her progressive policies regarding low-level drug offenses and wrongfully convicted prisoners benefited justice, but angered Donald Trump and his U.S. attorney’s office, which took revenge by launching a “witch hunt” against her.

Griggsby ruled before the trials that there was no evidence to support prosecutorial misconduct or other allegations.

Marilyn Mosby has raised gofundme money to underwrite her pardon campaign (justice4marilynmosby)

Marilyn Mosby has been raising GoFundMe money to underwrite her pardon campaign. (justiceformarilynmosby.com)

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