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Death and denial, as Covid-19 hits FutureCare

by Mark Reutter11:38 pmApr 28, 20200

642 coronavirus cases, 54 deaths confirmed at FutureCare nursing homes

Data released tonight show Covid-19 has penetrated deeply into Maryland’s biggest nursing home chain

Above: State public health officials at FutureCare’s Lochearn nursing home on April 15. (Louis Krauss)

For weeks, Maryland’s largest nursing home chain has refused to disclose the number of coronavirus cases and deaths at its facilities. So has the Maryland Department of Health, which said release of such information would violate privacy laws.

Tonight, following yesterday’s order by Governor Larry Hogan requiring the disclosure of Covid-19 cases at nursing homes, the toll at FutureCare has emerged – 642 Covid-positive cases and 54 Covid-related deaths thus far.

Two weeks ago it was reported that FutureCare’s Lochearn facility, in northwest Baltimore, had the largest number of Covid-positive cases in the state – 120 residents and 41 staff.

That number has ballooned to 220 cases and 20 deaths, according to data posted tonight by MDH.

24% of Deaths in City

FutureCare homes have been the site of 18.7% (370 of 1,977) of all Covid cases in Baltimore City and 24.1% (20 of 83) of the city’s Covid-related deaths, according to tonight’s posting by MDH.

First comprehensive data on coronavirus cases and deaths in Maryland nursing homes (4/29/20)

There have been 14 deaths at FutureCare facilities in Baltimore County, 13 deaths at FutureCare’s facility in Anne Arundel County, and 7 deaths at its two nursing homes in Prince George’s County.

Here is the breakdown:

Baltimore City

• FutureCare Canton Harbor, 1300 South Ellwood Ave. – 14 cases and 0 deaths.

• FutureCare Charles Village, 2327 North Charles St. – 31 cases and 2 deaths.

• FutureCare Cold Spring, 4700 Harford Rd. – 49 cases and 6 deaths.

• FutureCare Good Samaritan, 1601 East Belvedere Ave. – 33 cases and 2 deaths.

• FutureCare Irvington, 22 South Athol Ave. – 23 cases and 0 deaths.

• FutureCare Lochearn, 4800 Seton Dr. – 220 cases and 10 deaths.

There have been no Covid-19 cases reported at FutureCare’s Homewood and Sandtown facilities.

Baltimore County

• FutureCare Cherrywood, 12020 Reisterstown Rd. – 23 cases and 1 death.

• FutureCare Courtland, 7900 Scotts Level Rd – 15 cases and 4 deaths.

• FutureCare Old Court, 5412 Old Court Rd., – 108 cases and 9 deaths.

There are no reported cases at FutureCare Northpoint in Dundalk.

Anne Arundel County

• FutureCare Chesapeake, 305 College Pkwy. – 94 cases and 13 deaths.

Prince George’s County

FutureCare Capital Region, 1051 Brightseat Rd. – 26 cases and 6 deaths.

FutureCare Pineview, 9106 Pineview Lane – 6 cases and 1 death.

The Brew has written extensively about inadequate protective gear and the lack of safety protocols at FutureCare facilities.

The company has denied those charges, while refusing to take questions about its corporate practices, which more than a dozen FutureCare employees have told The Brew is jeopardizing their health and putting vulnerable elderly residents in harm’s way.

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