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DPW announces rebranding with a new logo

“We have accomplished so much in the past 18 months,” says Jason Mitchell, who became agency head in May 2021

Above: A prized DPW accomplishment under Mitchell, a new logo unveiled last fall.

The 2,700-employee agency in charge of Baltimore’s garbage collection, street and alley cleaning, water billing, rat control, graffiti removal, drinking water supply, sewage treatment plants and recycling is rebranding.

Today it unveiled its new logo (above) in a press release we publish in full:

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) officially launches its new agency logo. This announcement marks the first phase of the agency’s rebranding process. DPW’s rebranding will shift into implementation in the Summer of 2023 with the release of its strategic plan.

“We have accomplished so much in the past 18 months,” said Director Jason W. Mitchell, Ed.D. “The new logo represents the bright future this agency has ahead as we step into 21st-century industry, best-in-class standards, and practices.”

In an agency’s December In the Works newsletter, DPW released the educational video “DPW Through the Eyes of A Child” featuring the new agency logo. The video details the citywide impact DPW has on each and every resident and visitor in the region.

The video, coupled with the agency rebrand, illustrates DPW’s commitment to improvement and to leveraging education to bring community members into the DPW fold.

DPW has launched many community empowerment campaigns this year, including the BMore LOVE Volunteer Network, Residential Advisory Council and Eco-Warriors of the Future Schools Competition, and the B’More WISE workforce training program.

In the coming weeks, accompanied by the new logo, DPW will unveil several more to ring in the coming year.

Out with the old: DPW's former logo.

Out with the old: DPW’s former logo.

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